Yorkshire on film: The new Holllywood?

In the last articles on ‘Yorkshire on Film’ we looked at talent and locations. Today, we’re looking at Yorkshire as a whole to figure out why it has become such a fast-growing region for film and TV.

Back in the day, most film and tv production took place in none other than Tinseltown, USA. But lately, the film industry has been testing the waters elsewhere to avoid Hollywood’s extortionately high production fees. As a result, The UK became one of the places to step in and save the day.

You can read all about are Britain and its boom and bloom here. But, why Yorkshire, in particular?

Can-do attitude

The novel, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke was adapted by Peter Harness, Eddie Marsan and Bertie Cavall into a TV mini-series (2015)


Yorkshire has been soaking up a large part of our new-found attention from the film industry. Sally Joynson, Chief Executive at Screen Yorkshire, spoke about Yorkshire’s ‘can-do’ attitude in a recent interview with the Yorkshire Post. 

“One of the great strengths of the region is its capacity to cater for almost any kind of production. There’s a definite can-do attitude here.”

Sally expands that, during the production of Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell, shots had to be made to look 100% authentic. So, Yorkshire reacted with its can-do attitude. The council and the residents all pitched in to remove their cars, satellites and street lights from the camera’s view.

Beautiful backdrops and diverse locations

Harewood House in West Yorkshire was used to film parts of the Buckingham Palace scenes in the Crown


One factor that tops all is Yorkshire’s beauty. You can’t deny that Yorkshire has everything. Such as rolling hills, impressive waterfalls, quintessentially English villages, to cosmopolitan cities. In addition, Yorkshire now even has its own facility that’s perfectly suited for accommodating large-scale productions requiring studio space, Church Fenton Studios (which is being used for ITV’s Victoria)

Screen Yorkshire

Doing their bit, Screen Yorkshire has been pushing the region to become the film industry’s go-to location. They specialise in investing in projects and companies, to ensure that Yorkshire is at the forefront of creative production in the UK.

“Its aim has always been to secure and support the very best projects”

Investments from Screen Yorkshire have brought a number of productions to the area. These have ranged from Dad’s Army, A Royal Night Out, Peaky Blinders, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and Bill.

The new Hollywood?

Maybe not just yet, but, Yorkshire is definitely ambitious. The future holds a lot of exciting film and TV opportunities for the region thanks to its stunning scenery, can-do attitude and all its help from Screen Yorkshire.

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