Starting to write your script? Just finished your first draft? Where ever you are in your scriptwriting journey, here are 5 questions to ask of your work!

Writers: 5 Questions to Ask of Your Script!

       1. Narrative – Is your script intriguing?

Having a strong narrative is one of, if not the most important qualities your script/screenplay must have. A gripping story which intrigues and entices people into finding out what happens next is the only way someone will keep reading your script.

      2. Dialogue – Do your characters have something to say?

Your characters should only speak if they have something to say! Every line must help drive the narrative forward whether that be the plot or character development. There’s no room in films to fill. If you have to fill, take a step back and ask yourself why?

      3. Originality – Does your script reflect a part of you or your interests?

One sure fire way to way to produce something original is to make it personal! Everyone is different has their own approach to telling the same story. As the saying goes, write what you know!

      4. Creativity –   What are you trying to say?

What are you trying to say with your piece and ask yourself, is it worth saying? It sounds harsh but are you just rehashing popular ideas and themes or are you bringing something new to the table? Will your work be a first?

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      5. Coherence – Does your work make sense?

You know your script/screenplay, you know what you’re trying to achieve, so in many ways, you are not the best person to answer this question. This is where getting having a friend, family member, or access to a support network who can offer you constructive criticism is priceless. If in doubt, send it out! Fresh eyes on a project will really help you find out if everything makes sense.


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