We caught up with Joseph Allan this week, who filled us in on his time on our #SetReady course this summer!

Group 2 - SetReady

In Joseph’s own words:

I decided to do the #SetReady course because I wanted to experience working on a real short film. I can tell you, writing for a film is totally different to writing in your own time! I hadn’t experienced working to deadlines until the course.

I worked with my co-writer, Andy Gladman, for three days with no sleep, but we did it! 10 Pages, ready to be brought to life by the Actors in our group. For the rest of the course, I got to help out on set which was such a valuable experience. I feel like I have a much stronger understanding of the film production process now, which helps with my writing.

I really enjoyed the range of masterclasses. It’s a hot contest for my favourite. It’s either the William Oldroyd ‘If We Can, You Can!’ session OR the ‘My Journey’ session with cinematographer Phil Meheux!

I loved comparing things I had done alongside William Oldroyd. He was so inspiring and very funny. Phil Meheux’s session was so interesting. Listening to his career and advice in his own words was special.

“I can pinpoint the moment when I thought, ‘hang on, this is something special.”


I can pinpoint the moment when I thought, ‘Hang on, this is something special!’

On our first day, in our production meeting room, I met the rest of group 2! They were all as crazy-passionate about films and filmmaking as I was. I knew it was going to be brilliant.

If you’re thinking about doing the course, just take the leap and go for it!

Since the course, I have been writing my own £1k Challenge script and have been involved in other peoples’ too. If successful, I hope to work alongside group 2 again!

Watch Joseph’s Vlog:

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