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What is SetReady? 

SetReady is a career development programme designed
to accelerate the film careers of exceptionally driven young actors and Filmmakers.



We discover aspirational people with the right attitude and talent to succeed in film.


Through collaborative projects we build soft skills and improve set readiness. We provide inspirational role models to broaden industry knowledge.


We build networks, provide work opportunities and showcase talent to industry.

How does SetReady do this? 

SetReady allows you to develop and accelerate your film career confidence and knowledge through practical ‘real world’ experience as you collaborate to make a short film.

During the programme you will enhance your employability skills and become industry ready to work on a professional film.

SetReady will also provide you access to inspirational industry professionals, like minded members and mentors so that you can broaden your knowledge and develop your own professional film network.



How to have a successful career by actually creating and working on your very own film project.


How to work effectively within dynamic teams; how to get a film project of the ground to production


Practical skills whilst working on a real film where real world problems will happen and you will have to overcome them


For employment in Film working as a motivated and valued actor or filmmaker.




Work on a live production, to create and promote a short film and your talent.


Focus on your personal goals to better understand what you want to achieve in the film industry.



With industry mentors and like-minded young talent.



After completing the programme we can feel confident that we really understand your strengths as a filmmaker or actor so that we can help you with your career ambitions.



Industry Board

We are an industry lead organisation. Working on behalf of our Members we ensure that we develop our programs to the benefit of the film industry. 

We are incredibly grateful to our Industry board who support our Members and help shape the strategic direction of the National Youth Film Academy. 

Industry Board Members 

  • Kate Staddon, Agent - Curtis Brown 

  • Matt Smith, Head of Distribution - Lionsgate Films  

  • Saul Gittens, Cinematographer ProCam Take 2 

  • Simon Bird, Actor - Inbetweeners 

  • Biannca Searle, Senior Sales Manager - Odeon 

  • Sue Jones, Casting Director 

  • Bill Petrie, Agent - BWH Agency 

  • Jack Tarling, Producer - Shudder Films 

  • Susi Figgis, Casting Director - Harry Potter

  • John Brennan, CEO - ProCam Take 2  

  • Phil Meheux, Cinematographer - Casino Royale

  • Rebekah Smith film - The Film Festival doctor

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Mentoring with Industry professionals.

You’ll receive four 1 to 1 sessions with one of our industry mentors - focusing on the growth and development of you as an individual.*


A Mentor is an experienced individual who will impart their knowledge, expertise and wisdom to help you achieve their career goals and ambitions

*Mentors change based on availability 

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Meet your Mentors

Sue Jones.JPG

Sue Jones

  • Sue Jones Cating

Sue is a Casting Director best known for Nil By Mouth and the UK casting of Robert DeNiro in the Good Shepherd.

Phil Meheux.JPG

Phil Meheux

  • Phil

Phil is a BAFTA nominated cinematographer who is best known for his work on Good Friday, Goldeneye, The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment and Casino Royale amongst many others.

Nic Knowland 

  • Nic Knowland

Nick is a BAFTA and RTS award winning cinematographer who has extensive experience within the film industry, most recently for his work on the film Stardust.

Clare Cahill.JPG

Clare Cahil

  • Clare Cahil

Clare has extensive experience in producing films, particularly in the independent film sector, and
is also a Senior Lecturer at the Arts University in Bournemouth.

Rafael Kapelinski.JPG

Rafael Kapelinski

  • Rafael 	Kapelinski

Rafael K. Kapelinski is a London-based film director and script consultant working internationally. 

His feature BUTTERFLY KISSES won the Crystal Bear at the International Film Festival in Berlin (2017). 

Linzy Attenborough.JPG

Linzy Attenborough

  • Linzy Attenborough

Linzy has run production company Thought Juice Films since 2006. She has written, directed, produced and edited numerous short films, commercials and music videos. She freelances as a Director, Production Manager and Assistant Director on feature films.

Nathan Hannawin.JPG

Nathan Hannawin

  • Nathan Hannawin

Nathan is a director and cinematographer who has worked extensively direction films as well as directing a web-series called Augury. He also co-produced and directed feature documentary, Sleafords Mods - Invisible Britain.

Fiona Bavinton.JPG

Fiona Bavinton

  • Fiona Bavinton

Fiona is a versatile and multidisciplinary storyteller, with credits as writer, director, director of photography, editor, producer, composer and VFX producer. She brings her technological expertise combined with her significant creative talents to her mentoring role.

Sacha Bennett.JPG

Sacha Bennett

  • Sacha Bennett

Sacha has over 28 years of experience in the film industry, both in front and behind the camera – but his true passion is directing. Along with screen- writing credits on his own films, Sacha has produced scripts for the likes of Paramount Pictures and the BBC, and has created two feature film franchises.

Mark Barrs.JPG

Mark Barrs

  • Mark Barrs

Mark is a freelance lighting cameraman/operator and Director of Photography. His work has taken him all over the U.K and the world.


Mark is also a member of the GBCT, The Guild of British Camera Technicians

Ariel Artur.JPG

Ariel Artur

  • Ariel Artur

Ariel is a Brazilian-Italian cinematographer based in London, having lensed over 60 films between shorts and features with projects shot in Asia, America and Europe.

Ben Richards.JPG

Ben Richards

  • Ben Richards

Ben is managing director of Animus Pictures,
which successfully produced his debut feature
film Travellers. Many of his movies can be found
on Amazon Prime and his most recent on Netflix called Furthest. 

Derek Suter

  • Derek  Suter

Derek is a cinematographer with extensive experience within the film industry. His work on Burlesque Fairytales won for best cinematography at the Seattle True Independent Festival.

Part Time programme

Fit SetReady around your academic studies or work commitments 


Enter your journey with the National Youth Film Academy, at an exclusive launch event 

As a new member of our organisation, you will be cordially invited to attend our 2022 launch event where you’ll partake in our Press shoot to celebrate our new intake.  



You will also get to meet with your fellow participants along with hundreds of other NYFA members at our summer social. Where you will begin to start your powerful network in film. 


As part of your Membership you will be invited to networking sessions and screenings across selected areas of the UK.  


'We build, grow and accelerate career confidence in film ' ​

APRIL - JULY 2022 


In April you will meet your group online. With the help of experts, you will start developing a film idea which will be pitched to Industry Professionals. You will also take part in seminars with experienced members of the industry who will take you through the filmmaker process and what it takes to get a film through production and on to the big screen.

You will then start working with your group on preproduction for the film. This will include vital elements such finalising your script, securing locations and rehearsing in preparation for the shoot in August. You will also continue to take part in online webinars with industry experts, who will guide you through the pre-production process and give you the knowledge to get your film into the best position before shooting.