SetReady Programme

We are on the search for the UK's best young Actors and Filmmakers 

Applications are open

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Getting you ready for a future in film
The National Youth Film Academy is dedicated to giving you the best possible opportunity to succeed in the film industry.

The National Youth Film Academy SetReady Course  designed to help you develop a career in this competitive industry.

During our SetReady course you will work in your chosen field, learn from respected industry professionals and meet with like-minded individuals to write and produce your own original short film. Your film will then be screened in front of your peers, family and friends at ODEON. 

The purpose of this course is for us to identify your talents as a Filmmaker or Actor. At the end of your course, you will be assessed based on your ability to work as a professional under pressure and alongside your creative team. You must pass the SetReady course to be eligible for showcase.

Application Deadline  - 28th July 2022


Approved actors have landed roles in Spielbergs WarHorse, BBC's Wolfblood, Holby City and IPMan 4  



Approved Filmakers have worked on projects such as Men in Black, Guy Richies's the Gentleman & Jack Ryan