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Paul Alexander is an award-winning British comedy writer whose work includes Red Dwarf, Goodnight Sweetheart, My Parents are Aliens, The Green Green Grass and Emmerdale. He also co-created the Dreamworks Animation series Neighbors from Hell for U.S cable. He's written three produced screenplays - including Seeing Double (the S-Club Movie) - plus a LOT of unproduced ones (some he even got paid for!). He has also written for radio and for theatre. As well as advising members taking part in the SetReady programme, Paul is hosting a monthly Q&A taking your questions on how you can develop and sustain a writing career, on the writer's role in the process of creating a film or show and on writing itself - from structure to dialogue, ideas to execution, setups to payoffs. How does writing for animation differ from writing for a TV soap? And how does that differ from writing a movie? Each session will be led by your questions and will hopefully give some idea what it takes to become a 'jobbing' screenwriter -- something that's achievable even if you don't end up scaling the giddy heights of a Richard Curtis or an Abi Morgan (which of course we hope you do)!

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