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David Seidler Mentoring

Script Writing with former stutterer David Seidler

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Service Description

David, a Londoner by birth, was traded to the Yanks during the early stages of WWII for a Hershey Bar and pack of Lucky Strikes. Upon seeing a large bronze lady holding a torch standing in the middle of New York harbour, he developed a profound stutter which was considered permanent by useless Speech Therapists. Self-cured of his stammer at age sixteen by shouting rude words very loudly. He auditioned for a school play two weeks later and won a role in Shaw’s Androcles and the Lion playing a Christian who while being eaten by lions screams but does not stutter. Higher education was received at Cornell University, where Seidler won a slew of theatre awards; presumably because on that manly campus during the repressive Fifties few other males of the Silent Generation were willing to wear make-up. He subsequently received a Masters Degree in Dramatic Literature from the University of Washington. It took him only a year. They were that eager to get rid of him. Dragooned into the U.S. Army and assigned to the Signal Corps, he was trained at great expense to the American taxpayers as a telephone pole climber despite extreme vertigo. He served with singular lack of distinction. Returning to the U.S., David lived in Malibu and became a screenwriter at forty, when most of that age in youth-oriented Hollywood are considered too old to lift a paperclip. He has sustained an extensive career with over twenty produced credits to his name, including Tucker, The Man and His Dream starring Jeff Bridges, Joan Allen, and Martin Landau, directed by Francis Coppola; Malice in Wonderland, Elizabeth Taylor’s return role after a long hiatus, co-starring Jane Alexander; developed projects for Bruce Willis and Kirk and Michael Douglas; nominated three times for Writing Achievement by the Writers’ Guild of America for Onassis, The Richest Man In The World with Raul Julia, Anthony Quinn and Jane Seymour (who won an Emmy for her portrayal of Maria Callas), My Father, My Son with Keith Carradine and Karl Malden, and By Dawn’s Early Light with Richard Crenna. He won the WGA Writing Achievement Award for Onassis. David has taught screen writing in Milan, Rome, Sao Paulo, Sundance, as well as Switzerland, Portugal, New Zealand, and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

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