The Mean Spirited

The Mean Spirited

Mean spirited is a new comic-horror short to be shot in one long take.

A spiritual obsessive, a grief-stricken young man, and a social media influencer attend a séance that is being hosted by an enchanting psychic. Each of these interesting characters have ulterior motives that gradually reveal themselves as the evening’s events unfold, causing the film to progress through satisfying stages of comedy, drama, horror, and social commentary; all of which are captured seamlessly by a highly choreographed one-take.



Lara Cooper-Chadwick

Lara Cooper-Chadwick (born 14th August 1996) is an English actress and writer of Irish descent. Growing up in Portsmouth, she worked on several projects within the local independent film scene before going on to take up a place at Rose Bruford College on the BA (Hons) Acting course. During her time at drama school, she began writing plays and screenplays. Her first co-written short film Belongings (2019) was awarded funding from the National Youth Film Academy. She is also a member of the National Youth Theatre since 2017.


Christopher Mulvin

Christopher Mulvin is an English actor and member with the NYFA. He has been involved in some fantastic film & TV productions including BBC Doctors, Lore, Eastern Front Point of No Return, On In 15 and The Marine 6.


Abby Russell

i am from Sheffield. I have done more theatre than film, writing and performing my own comedy for years. I played the lead in Kindred with NYFA directed by Ali Kurr


Bailey Harris-Kelly

Bailey has the distinction of fronting Hollywood exclusives, Post Show Q&A’s on both side of the Atlantic, to organising and producing workshops for the next generation of talent. His knowledge and passion for film, which stem from being a genuine fan, have seen him incorporate into all that he does.

Bailey made his producing debut with ‘Little Wars’ (Juliet Stevenson & Linda Bassett). The production was featured in the Observer’s ‘Top Ten Drama’ and The Guardian’s ‘10 Best of 2020’.

Bailey is from Slough and is currently training in all forms of theatre ranging from Classical Theatre to Contemporary Theatre, Screen, Radio & Stage Combat. Bailey will graduate in the Summer of 2021.


Georgie Muya

My film experience has mostly been through the NYFA who I've done two short films with in the past, and both projects were a great experience. I spend a lot of my time reading or watching movies or tv shows that deep down I hope to be in one day, ever since I was a child I've always enjoyed stories because I always wanted to be the character within them, which makes sense as to why I grew up wanting to be an actor. Some of the greatest stories I've ever seen have been told through film, and film always allows an audience to connect to the story no matter how crazy the plot is. All just through the use of powerful acting performances, and I love bringing to life a cinematic tale through the use of my acting, because to me and to an audience it makes the story feel real and that’s just an altogether beautiful experience. I’m currently living in Hoddesdon, within the Hertfordshire area.



Joseph Archer


Joseph is an award-winning director and producer of comedy films and sketches.

Some of them are even alright.


Good organisation, good at being silly as a leader or as a team member, good hair (according to my barber, who might have ulterior motives).


As a science student at The University of Nottingham, Joseph did everything he could to not do his boring degree, so he made a feature film called House Party Raiders (2017), a ninety-minute action-comedy.

In a strange move, that he still doesn't understand to this day, Joseph left his science degree after being offered a job as a journalist at News UK, then in 2018 he went on to work for The Daily Telegraph.

During this time he learnt key skills, such as sitting at a computer for hours, turning facts into fiction, and using exaggeration effectively.

These skills helped him to keep writing and making comedy-drama films. He secured funding to shoot his second comedy film: Jobit (2018), and then make a comedy short #Goals (2019). In 2019, he secured funding from the NYFA to make a comedy-short On In 15 (2020), which was premiered at the BFI IMAX in February, thanks to partnerships with ODEON and Procam. NYFA also gave him funding to make action-drama Solvi (2020). NYFA are now currently supporting Joseph and his brother Jack with their next comedy project, Mean Spirited.

Joseph also partnered with London-based charity Thrive LDN to create Workshop (2019), a comedy-drama which explored four men dealing with different mental health conditions.

Currently, Joseph is overseeing promotion of On In 15, a 15-minute one-shot comedy about a band in 1990s, as well as writing and planning ahead for next year with a number of comedy projects in development.

Joseph is also the co-founder of Window Zebra Productions.


Samuel Camilleri


I'm a filmmaker/director from South London, I've always dabbled in various roles in film, but my biggest love and passion is in Directing. After specialising in Cinematography at uni, I further explored various roles, including producing, where I am now working on a 70s set twisted love drama. Soon after this exploration period, I was accepted as part of NYFA's Set Ready programme, where I was able to properly explore my core passion as director. Now through Rise Up, I hope to collaborate with more likeminded people and grow as a filmmaker/director. I've always connected with film and it's somewhere where I can be most myself. To me, it's freeing. That's why I've always persisted and try to push myself where I can. To fail or not isn't something we can control, but it's the process that gets me going.


Rebecca Doherty


Rebecca is an Irish composer and songwriter with experience in scoring short films, theatre productions, advertisements and concert works. A recent music graduate from the University of Cambridge, her scores have been featured in film festivals around the world, as well as at the Edinburgh Fringe and on BBC Radio Ulster. Her non-film works include the critically acclaimed ‘There is Hope’ to accompany the award-winning book ‘Children of the Troubles’ by Joe Duffy, as well as two operas. She is one of the youngest members of the prestigious BFI Network x BAFTA Crew 2021 programme for film industry professionals. Aside from composing, Rebecca recently wrote and directed her debut short film ‘Resonance’ in April 2021, which will be released later in the year. This will be the first film made by her upcoming production company (to be launched in May 2021), and she is currently in pre-production for two more short films, one of which is a musical. Rebecca is kindly supported by the Arts Council NI, Eastside and the National Youth Film Academy. She intends to pursue a career in film and theatre composition.


Ainsley Foster

Sound Technician

I am from Middlesbrough, I am want to become a writer. I have written a few things but mainly worked in sound when it's come to filming for my friends projects. I have been a boom op on a post grad short and sound tech on a few shorts outside of uni.


Oscar Robinson


I'm a writer and author from Oxford looking to establish a career writing for film, tv and novels and currently studying for a degree in creative writing. I first got into film when I volunteered to help on a friend's university film while visiting him in Vancouver. I then joined the NYFA when I returned home and last year I co-wrote Last Rites, a short mockumentary, with Ben Archer as part of the SetReady course. Last Rites has already won awards and is currently up for several more and I could not be more proud of being a part of it.

Since then, I've written several scripts that are being sent to various TV channels and am making progress on a novel.

I'm very excited to get started on another film, especially with Joe and Jack Archer.


Jay Seymour


I am a 24 year old filmmaker from Kent. I started learning about film in college but didn't start making anything practical till I joined the NYFA in 2018. Since then I have gone on to make several short projects including Short Dramas, Comedies and Documentaries. I have three main passions in film, Editor, Producer and Actor. My big dream is to work as a Producer in Film and TV.


Archie Williams



Jack Archer

Script Writer

I’m most proud of writing and co-directing a short called On in 15, a sitcom which sees a band’s frontman pass out 15 minutes before they’re due to perform on stage. Before that, I had also written for some other projects, including a comedy-horror film about a cursed novelty Christmas tree. While the pandemic put my plans on hold, I’ve got multiple films in the pipeline that should be just as fun as those.
I’d like to work in film for a number of reasons. It’s fun, mostly. But there’s also a lot to say for being able to work collaboratively with so many different kinds of people; not to mention it lets me work with my brother, Joe. Finally, there aren’t many careers that let you create something new every time you go into work. I have experience in a variety of professional settings and I’m lucky enough to have enjoyed something about them all, so I approach film the same way and just try to enjoy it while it’s going well.
I was born in Norwich, grew up around Lincoln, went to university in Nottingham, and will be working in London. To flesh out my background, some noteworthy things I’ve done during that time include starting a matchmaking service that won a national award, achieving a first-class degree in Philosophy, and working in the fostering and adoption team at a leading children’s charity.


Callum Carter


My name is Callum Carter, I'm from Wolverhampton and I am a filmmaker. It all started when I left school completely unsure about what I wanted to do and I took the Creative Media course at college and I started make documentary called “A causal way of life” and it is about football hooligans and how it affects football, what I did on this project was the camerawork and the editing, I really enjoyed the course and give me an idea of what I wanted to do, the next year in college I worked in a small group to create our first short film. We had our own premier for the film our group won best short film and got our own award for, and it was at that moment where I decided that I wanted to do film as a career. Other pieces of work I have done is three multi camera productions one of them was a live performance, another was a live fashion show, and another was a chat show I was in charge of the camerawork on all three of these.


Bailey Fear


For most of my life I have been immersed in a creative environment. Besides performing in a plethora of productions both at school, with the National Youth Theatre and throughout my time at University, I have also acted professionally in a number of theatrical companies, including the Royal Shakespeare Company. At University, inspired by my academic pursuits, I have explored the realm of film from both the production side as well as in a practical film-making capacity. My persistent drive to be in the creative industry coupled with the incredible buzz I experience when partaking in the practical creation of film has convinced me to pursue a career in the film industry.
My first experience of film was working with a graduating team from the MetFilm School, acting in their graduate showcase short film. Since then I have produced, filmed trailers and carried out photoshoots for numerous student productions, filmed 7 productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and written, directed and produced my own short film.
Most recently I produced the award winning short film ‘In-Sight’ with the National Youth Film Academy and am currently working as Associate Producer on award winning Director Nathan Hannawin’s latest short film.
Throughout my career in the Arts I have come to appreciate the impact of film on all of our lives – how important it can be as an art-form: to educate, preserve and entertain.


Sam Kemp


Originally from Romsey in Hampshire, I discovered my love of film while producing my feature-length documentary ‘Romsey Remembering’ telling the stories of local soldiers in the First World War. I joined the National Youth Film Academy in 2018 and met many of my current colleagues whilst on the course.
I have gone on to work as a camera assistant on a wide variety of projects spanning both commercial and creative sectors, working with brands including the University of West London, L'Oreal and Sky. I joined Window Zebra as Technical Director in 2020 after working with the Archer Brothers on their award-winning short 'On in 15’ and have worked as part of the team on every project since. I have also worked as a cinematographer on several award-winning short films with master’s students from Raindance, MetFilm School, London Film School and London Film Academy.
I recently started training in Virtual Production technology including Unreal Engine, LED walls and camera tracking systems while working at Garden Studios- a world-class new Film & TV studio complex in Park Royal, London.


Sophie Sandor

Assistant Director

Now I'm based in Liverpool but I've lived in Scotland, where I'm from, and London my whole life. It was the British social realism genre, in particular 'NEDs' by Peter Mullan, that piqued my interest in creating films. That film deeply inspired me at the time and changed the direction of my life. I started off in the film industry with documentaries as it was the obvious thing to do given my interests in economics and finding solutions to socioeconomic problems.


Lucy Turner

Assistant Director

I’m a 1st AD from Newcastle Upon Tyne, currently working on several short films (one which I’m directing), the second episode of a sitcom, and have just completed a feature. I started my career as an actor at an agency in Leeds, and became aware that I preferred being behind the camera the more experience I gained. I began by directing skits and theatre, and finding the role that suited me best. I was then fortunate enough to begin working with Firestone Video, for whom I am currently head of production.