The Mean Spirited

The Mean Spirited

Mean spirited is a new comic-horror short to be shot in one long take.

A spiritual obsessive, a grief-stricken young man, and a social media influencer attend a séance that is being hosted by an enchanting psychic. Each of these interesting characters have ulterior motives that gradually reveal themselves as the evening’s events unfold, causing the film to progress through satisfying stages of comedy, drama, horror, and social commentary; all of which are captured seamlessly by a highly choreographed one-take.



Lara Cooper-Chadwick

Lara Cooper-Chadwick (born 14th August 1996) is an English actress and writer of Irish descent. Growing up in Portsmouth, she worked on several projects within the local independent film scene before going on to take up a place at Rose Bruford College on the BA (Hons) Acting course. During her time at drama school, she began writing plays and screenplays. Her first co-written short film Belongings (2019) was awarded funding from the National Youth Film Academy. She is also a member of the National Youth Theatre since 2017.


Christopher Mulvin

Christopher Mulvin is an English actor and member with the NYFA. He has been involved in some fantastic film & TV productions including BBC Doctors, Lore, Eastern Front Point of No Return, On In 15 and The Marine 6.


Abby Russell

i am from Sheffield. I have done more theatre than film, writing and performing my own comedy for years. I played the lead in Kindred with NYFA directed by Ali Kurr


Bailey Harris-Kelly

Bailey has the distinction of fronting Hollywood exclusives, Post Show Q&A’s on both side of the Atlantic, to organising and producing workshops for the next generation of talent. His knowledge and passion for film, which stem from being a genuine fan, have seen him incorporate into all that he does.

Bailey made his producing debut with ‘Little Wars’ (Juliet Stevenson & Linda Bassett). The production was featured in the Observer’s ‘Top Ten Drama’ and The Guardian’s ‘10 Best of 2020’.

Bailey is from Slough and is currently training in all forms of theatre ranging from Classical Theatre to Contemporary Theatre, Screen, Radio & Stage Combat. Bailey will graduate in the Summer of 2021.


Georgie Muya

My film experience has mostly been through the NYFA who I've done two short films with in the past, and both projects were a great experience. I spend a lot of my time reading or watching movies or tv shows that deep down I hope to be in one day, ever since I was a child I've always enjoyed stories because I always wanted to be the character within them, which makes sense as to why I grew up wanting to be an actor. Some of the greatest stories I've ever seen have been told through film, and film always allows an audience to connect to the story no matter how crazy the plot is. All just through the use of powerful acting performances, and I love bringing to life a cinematic tale through the use of my acting, because to me and to an audience it makes the story feel real and that’s just an altogether beautiful experience. I’m currently living in Hoddesdon, within the Hertfordshire area.