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BY JOSEPH ARCHER (National Youth Film Academy Member)

My name is Joseph, I was a director on the Summer 2018 #SetReady Course. I am going to tell you about my experience on the course and why I think you should do the course too!  Overall the two weeks were incredible. I learnt tonnes, made friends and created a film that I am proud of.  Here are five reasons this course can help you become the professional you want to be in the film industry.

You will network with fellow aspiring filmmakers and actors!

This is a really important point and opportunity, and one of the main reasons I wanted to do the course. You will be put together with 20 or so talented young people who all share your passion for making films.

You will meet individuals who you may end up working with for the rest of your life, which is incredibly valuable.

I was lucky enough to get a fantastic group that I hope to work with in the future. After the fun we had and the result we got from being on the course together, we are already planning the next film!

Meet and learn from professional filmmakers and actors

You will have mentors who are professional actors and filmmakers. They will aid you in your project during the course and give fantastic guidance based on their experience in the industry.   

Ask them loads of questions and listen to what they say because they know how the industry works and how to be a success in it.

My mentor, Aurora Fearnley, was brilliant. She gave me genuine and detailed advice on how to move forward in the film business, as well as the cold hard facts about the challenging parts of the industry too.

It was extremely helpful and made a real difference to how I will approach filming in the future.

Learn to be creative and resourceful

On the course, you have to make a ten-minute short film from scratch in ten days on a lean budget. This, with people you have just met! It can be extremely challenging, but very rewarding too.

If you are creative, resourceful and confident you can get it done and be happy with what you achieve.

For example, I wanted to do smooth dolly shots in the film but without the budget extending to that, we had to get creative.

We managed to get hold of a shopping trolley, which allowed us to get some wonderful shots, which otherwise, we would have not have got unless we were resourceful.

The course will get you to improvise effectively and strengthen your filmmaking skills.

Learn about the industry and how it really works

So while I am passionate about getting into the industry and making films, I do not know the details of how the film business actually works in practice.  

There are whole worlds to the industry that you may not necessarily have even thought about. This can include areas such as distribution and funding, which are a big part of the business but can get overlooked.  

On the course, you get taught about these keys areas that you may otherwise ignore. Knowing the nuts and bolts that go into making films will give you an advantage in your work in the future.  

You will also have masterclasses from film veterans, such as Phil Méheux, who will not only inspire you but give you gold nuggets of information about what can be a complicated industry.

You get to make short film and have it screened

This in itself is a fantastic opportunity, let alone all the masterclasses and guidance from mentors thrown in with the course as well.

Having another film in your showreel and on your CV will help you no end.

It is also a lovely opportunity to show your friends and family your work on the big screen too!

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