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What to expect on the #SetReady course

Hi! Here at the National Youth Film Academy, we’ve had a busy couple of weeks. We’re going through the process of accepting future participants and making sure they’re ready for the best 10 days of their life! So, you’re probably here because you’ve either been accepted on to the #SetReady course and/or you’re still deciding whether to apply. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain everything from what to expect, to what you’ll gain from the course.

Why not start by watching our wonderful documentary?

The film follows the journey of the three participants, as they complete our 10 day #SetReady course.

Emma Hackett, Actor

Emma has just finished her A-Levels in Acting and Media Studies and is looking forward to studying Acting at University later this year. Emma wanted to come on the #SetReady course to really brush up on her screen acting and to the learn all the subtleties that come along with it.

Bella Gayle, Assistant Director

Bella is currently on a “work experience year” – she’s finding her feet and getting some film experience under her belt. NYFA has been able to support her in doing this by finding her work experience on the same set as Ridley Scott (one of her favourite directors!) – you can read all about that here.

Shaun Wood, Producer

Shaun graduated from Bristol University with a degree in Music but has decided to take a different path. In his time since university, he’s written a play that he’s taken to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now, he wants to switch it up again and write/direct films! We don’t blame him, the film industry is the best (we’re definitely not biased).

Rahul Sidhu, Actor

Rahul is looking forward to his future in film and TV. His past experience lies in theatre acting but now he’s ready to leave the stage and get behind a camera. Whilst Rahul has been a part of the NYFA family, through our agency, he’s been put forward on a number auditions already. Onwards and upwards!

Now that you’ve been introduced – it’s time to explain a little about the course…

What is the #SetReady course

At The National Youth Film Academy, we’re all about our members.

We want to ensure that, firstly, we have the best members. That means everyone that we accept onto our courses has exceptional talent and/or the right attitude to succeed in this industry, regardless of their experience.

Then, we want to instill in our members, ‘soft skills’. Soft skills are basically personal attributes that allow you to be prepared for life on set.

We also want to provide inspiration. Often people comment on the difficulty of entering the film industry. Here at the NYFA, we believe that’s simply not true. Don’t believe me? Read this. We want to inspire you to fulfill your dream of working in film. If you’ve got the talent and the attitude, there’s a place for you!

Essentially, as you’ve probably already guessed, we want to bridge the gap between education and employment and get you, well… #SETREADY!

On the course itself, you will be given ten days to train in your chosen field. You’ll learn from respected and experienced industry professionals as well as meeting lots of like-minded peers (we like to think of them as the future of the film industry). During the 10 days, you and your group will write and produce your own short film. At the end of the days, your film will then be screened in front of your peers, friends, and family at a local cinema in London. Last time, the films were screened in the O2 Arena Cineworld – pretty cool, right?

If you want more information, give us a call or email us at

Like what you see? Apply here!


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