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What Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever?

It may not have been a traditional Christmas, but many of us still managed to sit down and watch some festive features with the family.

There are so many different Christmas films available nowadays, ranging from classics such as It’s A Wonderful Life to more recent releases like Last Christmas. And of course, there is a debate about whether or not films like ‘Die Hard’ is a true Christmas Movie.

So, to find out the answer to ‘What Is The Best Christmas Movie Ever?’ we asked our members to give us their opinion.

The clear winner was Home Alone. First released in 1990, this Christmas classic was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards as well as two Academy Awards. It secured 15% of your votes in our poll, pulling off a late surge to take top place.

Die Hard took second place with 11% of votes. Set on Christmas Eve, this 1988 action film catapulted Bruce Willis (and his vest) into the limelight, but did you know he wasn’t the original choice? The role of John McClane was originally offered to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone!

Third place went to How The Grinch Stole Christmas, which beat off stiff competition from Elf (Fourth) and Love Actually (Fifth). The original tale from the book was reworked to make it a feature-length film and as well as being a commercial success, the movie won the Academy Award for Best Makeup.

What was clear from the poll is that you like a bit of reliable nostalgia from your Christmas movies. No films from the last decade made it into the top 10, with Nativity (2009) being the most recent release to receive significant votes. We’ll certainly be running the poll again for Christmas 2021 to see if your opinions have changed!

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