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The Film Industry: Simple Ways To Stay Up To Date

The film industry is constantly shifting and changing, with new releases and developments every week. Knowing some of the latest developments, deals, and trends isn’t simply for bragging value. It can help you to strengthen your knowledge of film as both an art and a business. By knowing some of the major names and distributors and the type of material they are making, you are more likely to find a good “home” for your own films in future. Knowing current films can also help you to stay original and not simply repeat material that has been done before. Staying up to date can be a bit of a challenge. You never have to know every single detail, but with a bit of effort and simple steps, you can stay informed on the industry.


Subscriptions are a great way to stay up to date regularly, without things getting too time consuming! You have a wealth of options. You can subscribe to a film magazine and receive it digitally on your phone or tablet, or subscribe to receive the paper copy through the post. You can subscribe to free newsletters from major festivals or institutions like BAFTA, IMDb and more. They often contain monthly or weekly round-ups of interesting news and developments. They sometimes have job opportunities and internships too, so be sure to check! Even subscribing to YouTube channels that release trailers or review the latest films can be helpful (and it’s free too). Get creative, and stay up to date!

Go To The Cinema

The cinema can be pricey sometimes, but as a monthly or fortnightly treat, it is a great way to see the latest film developments with your own eyes. There are few things better than the experience of being in front of the big screen, watching a cinematic story unfolding before your eyes! Some cinemas offer cards that allow you to see as many films as you want for a monthly fee. They can save money in the long run and they make a great gift too.

Join In

Joining a club, society, or film-related class is a wonderful way to improve your own skills while staying informed about the industry. Being amongst like-minded people is a great way to share ideas, news, and inspiration. If there are no film societies in your area, school, or university, why not start your own?

Get Sociable

Following some of the major studios or your favourite stars on Twitter, Facebook or more is fun, but also helpful. It keeps you informed of their latest interest, projects, and upcoming films.

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