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Jacob Seymour produces ‘OBSCURA’, a dramatised documentary about his own experience living with a rare genetic eye condition.

The 22 year-old Producer/Editor, Jacob Seymour, from Kent, completed our #SetReady course in August 2018 and is utilising his knowledge and National Youth Film Academy network.

The Inspiration

Jay said: “The idea for ‘OBSCURA’ came from my own personal experience with a disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, a genetic eye condition, that I have suffered from my entire life.”

“It’s a very rare condition that not many people are aware of so I decided to make a short documentary that explains the disease in detail to attract more awareness.”

“The documentary features some dramatised scenes with fictional characters exploring how the disease affects its patients on a daily basis. The name OBSCURA comes from the Latin word for “Dark” which is a major theme throughout.”

The Cast and Crew

Jacob is working with a team of fellow National Youth Film Academy Members who all met on our #SetReady course.

Shayan Ali and Amanda Murphy have working with me from the beginning. Shayan has been helping me run things in terms of management and Amanda has assisted me with the casting process.

Writers Joe Allan and Jordan Gifford turned my idea into a professional and engaging story and script. As well as this, I have had the pleasure of working with actors who all came from different groups on the #SetReady course.

It was so great to work with an all-new cast.”

The OBSCURA Filming Process

The OBSCURA team are currently in the middle of filming. In October 2018 the cast and crew travelled to Green Park in London for a shoot.

“On our filming weekend, in the original script, we had planned to film a cinema scene at the Cineworld at The 02 but unfortunately, we were unable to due to consent and signed documents that we needed.”

“My crew were fantastic with resolving the dilemma. We all sat down and quickly came up with a solution in the script. We re-worked it so we shot the scene we had planned outside the cinema instead with just a few minor tweaks in the dialogue.

“It was a very successful weekend and we got everything we wanted.”

The final shoot for OBSCURA is scheduled in for the first weekend of December. Once this is done,  I can spend a month on Post-Production. The scheduled release for OBSCURA is January 2019.”

Behind the Scenes

Jacob on the National Youth Film Academy

“The #SetReady course gave me such a boost to get this project off the ground. It helped me so much with networking and to propose my idea to a lot of people.

I had a great number of people who were interested in working with me on OBSCURA which of course would not have happened if I had not attended the SetReady course.

As well as demonstrating that I could edit a really good piece of film, it also gave me an interest in producing which I have been able to pursue in producing this project and bringing it all to life.”

What’s Next?

“So I have a very exciting year ahead. After OBSCURA is out in the world, I will be getting ready to take part in the National YouthFilm Academy’s Breakthrough course which will further my knowledge and experience of working as an Editor in the Film industry.

I will also be involved in other projects as an Editor and Actor. I also have a new personal project myself that I hope to start working on later in the year.”

We wish Jacob and the OBSCURA team the best of luck!

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