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Meet Our Summer #SetReady 2019 VXF Mentor – Daniele Bigi

How did you come to work in visual effects?

I have been passionate about computers and video games since I was a kid when I was always playing with Commodore Vic 20 and Amiga.Like most of my friends, I grew up during the 80′ watching Hollywood blockbuster classic. While I was studying at university I did few CAD exams using different software including Alias | Wavefront Power Animator and Maya. When I realised that big studios like ILM and Pixar were using similar software to generate iconic movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story and Terminator 2 I was hooked.

What are your biggest achievements?

My biggest achievement is working for ILM. Right now there are many great VFX studios around the world. All of these studios are capable of creating amazing content but ILM really started the VFX industry.

What do you think are the reasons for so many young filmmakers not making it into the film industry?

Most people don’t realise how difficult making a movie is.To start and finish a movie you need an army of dedicate people in so many different disciplines. Usually there are over a thousand artists and technicians working for several years to get a movie done. Successful Directors are a force of nature. 

You need somehow to find the right story to tell, the right script with fantastic dialogs, you need the best music compositor you can get, you need the right cast and find a production company to invest into something that may become a success or a complete flop. It is incredibly hard to get into a position where you can start to shoot your first shot, let alone being able to actually finish a movie.

If you want to shoot a movie using the classic ways, you set yourself up for a big challenge. But with today’s technology you can use your phone or rent a very good camera for very little money, download a free open software to do your editing, VFX work and grading.

You can make a trailer and use it to crowd fund your movie using online platforms, you can use social networks to find the right people to help you, you can distribute your movie in seconds and get viewers to instantly stream your movie. 

There is always a way to do it but there are not many people that want it so much to dedicate most of their time and life to accomplish their dream.

Who are favourite filmmakers?

There are so many great filmmakers in the UK! My favourite are: Alfred Hitchcock, Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan!

What made you want to pursue film?

I always loved films. Since I was a kid Star Wars and Terminator made me dream. But it was only when I saw the CG Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park that I knew I had to be part of such a great industry.

Spielberg and ILM made something impossible become real, and I wanted to be part of this incredible world in which fantasy and reality become one. 

Have you always wanted to pursue film?

No,  I’m an industrial Designer specialised in automotive design, my first career objective was to work as a designer for the car industry in Italy.

Lastly, are you looking forward to joining us on the course next week?

Yes !!! 🙂 

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