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We are proud to announce Members,  Ellie Ekers and Mark Jarvis, have been cast in lead roles.

They will star as Lori and Jack in the upcoming film, Last Date!

Written and Directed by Richard Penfold, Last Date, explores domestic violence and the situations abusive relationships can present. Richard approached the National Youth Film Academy’s Talent Team looking for the right casting and our talant team were able to put forward Mark and Ellie with glowing recommendations!

In Ellie’s Words

The short film explores an abusive relationship with all the symptoms evolving in one night. This is very deliberate and is meant to scare the audience as they see the abuse creeping up on them. The film explores the way an abusers mind works and the tactics often displayed in this type of relationship.

My character Lori is the victim. She is a smart, intellectual, politics and economics student who is willing to argue her case. This will hopefully show that this can truly happen to anyone and enable every person who watches it to be on guard for the symptoms displayed.

Richard (Director) is working with us to create characters who are an extension of ourselves and our own knowledge so we can portray the most sincere showing of this relationship.

In Mark’s Words

Throughout the course of a first date, we see snippets of some of these types of abuse and the effect on a person resulting in a decision they have to make and the dilemmas they face.

I’m playing jack, who throughout the first date uses varying techniques to manipulate Ellie’s character, Lori.

The project is set in Bristol and OMNI’s previous film, Leaving, went on to win a number of awards.

The project for me is really exciting because if we can help change even one person’s mindset or even alert someone to these issues then that’s a step in the right direction.

We can’t wait to find out how they get on and wish them both the best of luck!

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