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‘Loup Garou’ wins 1K Challenge “We Are All Equal”

Congratulations to Bethan Moore for winning our latest 1K Challenge “We Are All Equal” with her submission “Loup Garou”.

The short film is a surreal black comedy following the journey of a young woman suffering from PMDD and following her discovery of the ignorance surrounding this condition.

Bethan, a writer and director from Leicester, said: “I’m so excited to bring Loup Garou to life, it’s an idea I’ve had building for a long time now and is based on a personal experience which I hope will resonate with women everywhere.

“When you have a health issue relating to your menstrual cycle, it can be difficult to get a diagnosis and to have your concerns taken seriously.

NYFA members Sarah Lamb, Shivam Pallana and Ted Orme will feature in Loup Garou.

Bethan added: “I really hope this film will raise awareness for conditions like Endometriosis and PMDD, and overall portray the monthly struggles of being a woman in a unique and playful way.”

Every 3 months we challenge our Members to develop a film concept where we award them funding to make their dream a reality. Director Frankie Fairbrass was our previous winner with his short film Pure.

Full Credits

Director // Writer Bethan Moore

Producers Frankie Fairbrass

Charlie Sommerville

Sidonie McLaren

Director Of Photography James Duncan

First Assistant Director Josh Barnes

Editor Egle-Evergreen Radzuite

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