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Joseph Archer will direct ‘#GOALS’ in November, a short satire that explores both sides of the weird world of Instagram influencers, reality TV and online persona.

The 23 year-old director and writer completed our #SetReady course in August 2018 and has used the National Youth Film Academy’s network to cast the film.

Starring in the comedy short is social media influencer Amber Doig-Thorne (3 million social media followers), Mark Jarvis, Jacob Kat, Emily Rose Sutherland as well as many other supporting artists from National Youth Film Academy.

Amber Doig-Thorne said: “I’m actually an influencer myself, so it’s fantastic to be involved a project which highlights the pros and cons of social media, with a strong underlying message of what Generation Z consider to be #Goals.”

What is the film about?

#Goals is about a young couple [played by Amber Doig-Thorne and Mark Jarvis] who try to positively change a society that is obsessed with image and perfection by auditioning for a reality TV show that is looking for the UK’s best couple. “On their mission they find the task is bigger than they first thought, throwing their original intentions into doubt.”

How did you go about casting Amber Doig-Thorne?

Jenna Shaw [Talent Manager at National Youth Film Academy] contacted me when she heard that I was casting for #Goals, as well as other film projects I am doing this year, and thought Amber would be ideal for the role. And she is!”

“Jenna, Amber’s agent, thought Amber’s background in comedy and social media could mean she would be an ideal fit for the role, and I couldn’t agree more.”

“Upon meeting Amber I could tell the script really suited her, she was obviously going to bring a lot to her part as the female lead in the film.”

“I would also like to thank Jenna who has been a fantastic help with casting the film.”

What have you and the cast done in preparation for the film?

“One of the actors, Emily Rose Sutherland, has actually set up an active Instagram account for her character Darcy X. Olivier.”

“Darcy is obsessed with her appearance and wants to be an Instagram influencer, so to get into the role Emily has literally become the online version of her character, a process which will inform her acting and add an extra dimension to the film.”

“I have also created my own Instagram account with the aim to try post something every day, so far I have failed miserably at that aim. I just don’t think I am cut out to be an influencer!”

What does the upcoming shooting schedule look like and when you hope the project will be finished?

“We have two packed filming days in November at studios in East London, hopefully, if everything goes to plan, we should have the project completed by January next year, with a screening around that time too.”

Are other members of the NYFA involved? What are their positions and roles?

“The majority of the cast and crew are from National Youth Film Academy, I really see it as National Youth Film Academy film in many ways!”

“I met Mark Jarvis, Jacob Kat and Emily Rose Sutherland on the #SetReady course, along with my producer Sam Mercer, my editor Floyd C Konde and Sunny Maremanda doing the sound.”

“Many of the supporting artists, which appear in the climax of the film, are also from National Youth Film Academy. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to network with such talented filmmakers and actors during my time on the course. It has seriously aided my future projects such as #Goals.”

How can we get involved in the film?

“We have a fundraiser page with more details, and it allows people who want to buy a ticket early for the film to contribute to the film’s production.

“We are also looking for supporting actors and extras to take part in the climax of the film, so if you are free on the afternoon of the 10th November, please get in touch with me or the producer Sam Mercer.”  


If you would like to take part in our next #SetReady course – Enquire HERE

Joseph Archer – 5 Reasons Why You Should Do the #SetReady Course Too!

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