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It’s the end of the introductory course, but the start of your journey into film

First of all, everyone here at the NYFA wants to give a big welcome to all of our new members! Well done on completing the introductory course! The talent this year was truly phenomenal, and we’re really excited to start working with you on building your career in film.

Now, to give everybody else a little insight into how it all went down.

The first day started off with a bang. After a warm welcome talk, everyone went to their rooms (greeted by a box of celebrations) to get to know their group and start brainstorming ideas. The next two days were jam-packed with masterclasses and workshops. The participants were able to get exclusive advice from industry professionals before they got cracking with their short films.

During the masterclasses, course participants had the pleasure of being face-to-face with likes of director, Gareth Edwards (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Godzilla, Monsters), Actor, John Connors (Cardboard Gangsters, Love/Hate) and Producer, Kurban Kassam (The Party, 20,000 Days on Earth). The workshops offered a more intimate look into a specific role in filmmaking. For example, we had industry professionals such as cinematographers, script-writers, casting directors and agents.   After that, it was time for all the groups to buckle down and press on with their films. During the last few days, a couple more masterclasses and workshops were squeezed in to give everybody a boost of inspiration and enthusiasm. One particularly interesting masterclass was by BAFTA, they came in to inform the participants on how they support talent.

Arguably, the most exciting day was the premiere.

Is there anything more exciting than seeing your face on the big screen? (There isn’t). After days of hard work editing, producing, directing and acting, each group finally got to see their finished film in all its glory at the Cineworld at The O2 Arena! Friends and family, dressed to the nines, were all invited to pretty much pack out the 300 seat cinema. After the premiere, everybody was invited to a little after-party soirée with some nibbles and bubbly (and orange juice for those who thought 11 am was a bit early to start drinking). This gave all the participants a chance to share what they had done with loved ones. And, really celebrate with their group all they had achieved in the past two weeks. Their own official movie-posters in hand, the groups had to say goodbye. But, that doesn’t mean that everyone won’t keep in touch and perhaps collaborate on future projects.

It was great to see you all become #SetReady

Overall, the NYFA was really impressed by the standard of films this year. Some were gripping with incredible, dramatic performances and others were fresh, charming and rather funny. It’s not easy to pull off a film in such a short space of time, so, well done! But, most importantly, it was great to see how well you guys worked with each other and the professionalism and passion you all displayed.

Written by Phoebe Griffiths

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