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Interview with Graham Gallery – Head of Video on TOWIE and Hollyoaks

For those who are unaware, Lime Pictures is a world-class production company. They produce television shows such as Celebs Go Dating, The Only Way Is Essex, Free Rein, and Hollyoaks. Graham happens to be the official Head of Video (Digital) for this prestigious company and using his skills on a variety of these shows.

Graham Gallery has always had a passion for TV and Film. He decided to follow his passion by studying Multimedia Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University. Before impressing his placement and moving up in the world of television production.

How did your career start out?

Whilst studying, Graham tells us he did a placement year at a very small production company in Leeds. He worked hard, despite only being paid £100 a month. But like most early career work, he learned all sorts of valuable things from editing, filming, graphics to general production. With newfound skills under his belt, Graham went back to university for his final year, gaining an impressive First Class Honours.

“I then went back to where I worked beforehand before moving on to a bigger production company in Leeds. I worked there for four years as a cameraman and editor, shooting and producing basically.”

After his four years working in the corporate video world, Graham got a call from a past colleague who was now working at Lime Pictures. He recommended Graham for the fifth series of TOWIE. From there, he was offered a six-week contract which he made the ultimate sacrifice for…

“Basically, I left my full-time job for that six-week gig. Luckily, I was invited back for the following series, which was a few months later”.

It was then that a full-time position appeared in the digital department. Graham applied, and yep, you guessed it- he got it.

Why do you think you were asked back? How did you make an impression?

“I just worked really hard, tried to come up with new ideas, and showcased my skills when possible. I also showed that I was willing to do anything that was asked – photocopy documents, get coffee. I think it was really my attitude that shone through”

What has been your favourite on-set moment?

Although Graham stands by the opinion that working in the television industry, in general, is full of amazing moments, the most memorable for him was his encounter with Gemma Collins.

“We were filming a The Only Way Is Essex best moments show where we got to go around and film all the different cast members for their best moments. When we were filming Gemma Collins we had her in a bubble bath. So I think yeah, interviewing Gemma Collins whilst she was in the bath was fun”

What does a day-to-day look like for you?

“A day-to-day for me is very varied. One day I might be filming behind the scenes videos with cast, for example, for Hollyoaks we often film stunts for our ‘making of’ videos. Other days, I’ll be creating graphics for campaigns, editing trailers for broadcast and digital or just generally managing and assisting the team.”

How do you know what to do each day without having a set role

“Every Monday we have a creative team meeting, also we’re always working with a long-term strategy in mind, on Hollyoaks for example, we know what is happening a good 6 months down the line if not further ahead. Everyone has their roles and knows the strategy, so we always know what needs to be done.”

What advice would you give others wanting a career in television?

“Working in digital changes very quickly and you need to be multi-skilled. Show your interest in lots of different things and be able to adapt to change. If you want to work in video producing you need core skills such as filming, editing and ability to understand narrative and tell a story. Having core skills but a wider range of general understanding is what I think put me in good stead.”

“It sounds pretty basic but it’s true, if you work hard you do get noticed.”

Feel inspired?

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