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How To Find Acting Talent For Your Film: Part 2

How To Find Acting Talent For Your Film: Part 2

Welcome to the second instalment on how to find acting talent for your film. Actors can quickly lift your film from good to great. In part one, we discussed the importance of good performances. They immediately help a film to look professional and compelling. They involve an audience in the story and can really get a film noticed. Finding acting talent can feel overwhelming at first. But with a positive, methodical approach and a few of the suggestions below, you may just uncover a rising star!

Browse Industry Websites

Many actors advertise on industry websites, such as their agencies or on Spotlight. But you can also browse slightly more accessible sites like TalentCircle and for inspiration. By becoming a member, it is possible to advertise your own film here too, and invite applications from actors. This allows you to browse a range of headshots and resumes before making a decision. Actors may also have a video or showreel available. Be sure to double-check costs though, as some websites (but not all) require a subscription fee. If in doubt, check part one for ideas how to launch your own social media campaign!

Invite Friends and Family

Not all films require a broad range of versatile actors. Some only really require great faces with character. You may already have friends and family members with a great individual look. Many directors even feature in their own films if they feel they are right for a role. Quentin Tarantino appeared in his own feature, Django. Sam Raimi has featured his acting brother Ted Raimi, and the famous Alfred Hitchcock made his cameo appearances his trademark! Look closely. You may already be in the same room as the perfect person for your film.

Attend Film Festivals

Attending local and national film festivals is a wonderful opportunity for filmmakers and actors alike. It is a chance to network and make industry connections. It can expose you to inspiring films that you might not otherwise see. You can also be amongst like-minded people with ambitions and goals similar to your own. Many film festivals attract actors who are either attending a screening of one of their own films, or who are looking to make new connections. Be sure to have a few business cards made up in advance. These don’t have to be flashy. Just your name, role, and up-to-date contact details is fine. Attending actor’s masterclasses or other workshops can be beneficial in lots of ways. It improves your own understanding and respect for the craft. But it also introduces you to potential future stars that could be perfect for your film!

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