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How To Find Acting Talent For Your Film: Part 1

How To Find Acting Talent For Your Film: Part 1

Acting performances can make or break a film. This is true from the smallest micro-budget short film right through to a lavish Hollywood blockbuster. A great performance can be what gets you and your film noticed – as well as boosting the actor’s career too. But when it comes to finding actors to star in your film, you may feel a bit limited. You might be fortunate enough to live in a big city where there are actors everywhere. But even if you are not, there are some tried and tested ways to find excellent acting talent to work with. Browse the first part of our suggestions below, and don’t forget to check back for part two!

Watch Short And Independent Films

Short films and independent films can be great sources of acting talent. They often feature gifted actors who are yet to get their big break and are keen to get experience. Think carefully about what you liked about their look or performance. When emailing their agent or getting in touch with them, be sure to say why you think they would be suitable for a role in your film, and what you think they would gain from it. A sincere, tailor-made enquiry is far more likely to be effective than a generic one that may have been sent to several actors. Keep it positive, polite, and personalised!

Get In Touch With Acting Schools

Acting schools can take the form of prestigious institutions, courses, or even weekend get-togethers. The National Youth Film Academy runs a range of wonderful courses and masterclasses, designed to help young actors hone their craft. Why not send an enquiry to some courses or institutions explaining your project and asking whether any actors might be interested? You could then arrange an audition or an informal chat depending on the level of interest you receive. Lots of schools and courses also have end of term or final year showcases. If you can score an invite, you might be first in line to spot the next big star in the making!

A Social Media Campaign

Talent searches have become all the rage in recent years, especially on television. You may not be able to operate on a national scale, but you can still think big! Why not create a few social media accounts for your project and make a series of announcements asking for acting talent? Specify who you are looking for and how they should apply. It can be by headshot and a personal statement, a tape or showreel, or an audition in person. You may discover a hidden gem.

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