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How to boost your social media as an Actor/Filmmaker – 8 tips from Endemol Shine UK

Meet Elspeth Rae

This week NYFA spoke to Elspeth Rae, Endemol’s Senior Events and Production Manager.

Endemol Shine UK is a leading producer made up of 20 production companies, the company has created and produced shows such as Black Mirror, Broadchurch, Peaky Blinders and many more. Elspeth came to work at Endemol Shine UK through a work connection (networking is key!) and her extensive background in marketing and events. Elspeth’s role involves managing live events that utilise digital talent. She now mainly works with influencers and has 8 top tips to offer those wanting to boost their social media.

8 tips from Elspeth

1. Make yourself different.

Like all successful brands, a USP (Unique Selling Point) is essential.  You need to let everyone know that you’re different. Have a think about all the things that make you YOU and play on them. Brand yourself.

2. Decide what you are using social media for.

Do you want to raise your profile? Or do you simply want to have fun and document the fun you have?” Decide on your goal.

3. Who do you admire on social media? Mimic this but give your own spin.

Find some of your favourite influencers, what do they do well? If you can, try to recreate this but in your way. Rember your personal branding.

4. Work out what platform best suits you.

Test out a variety of platforms, and choose your favourite.  “Focus on that platform to start with. If you get big on one platform you can easily transfer followers over to another.

5. Be consistent.

You need to be posting daily or several times a day to build a good base- use trends and hashtags/collabs to keep building

6. Don’t interact with trolls.

Just don’t. Always stay positive. And don’t read trolling emails, posts or DM’s. It’s not worth it.

7. Use Instagram.

“I think Instagram is the best platform for performers and it’s a good, positive environment to start building up a fan base.”

8. Interact with your audience online.

Ask them questions and try and reply to as many of them as possible to show you value them“.

Why do Actors/Filmmakers need social media?

Elspeth believes that “more and more, social media is being brought into the casting room.” It’s seen as an added value. Of course, the main thing that will secure you a role or a job is your talent, but boosting your online profiles definitely makes you a more an appealing package.

“Use it to network, ask other performers and writers/directors questions. Initiate conversations and be bold. If your voice is clear and strong online, someone hiring you will find it easier to see how you might fit into the project they are working on. But conversely, don’t take yourself  too seriously”

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Written by Phoebe Griffiths

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