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How To Be A Team Player On Set

How To Be A Team Player On Set

The film-making world may reward individuality, but the industry requires a lot of teamwork. Teamwork used to be a buzzword that was thrown around offices and other places of work without any real meaning, but in recent years, people have started to decode it. Working well within a team does not have to mean losing your own individuality. Everyone brings their own particular strengths to a project, and teamwork is about recognising those strengths and finding a way to combine them. If you are working on set and want to be the best team player you can be, why not try some of the easy tips below?

Know Your Job

Knowing exactly what is required of you on set can be very helpful. When we are not really sure what is expected of us and do not ask, we can lose confidence and underperform. We cannot do a role well if we don’t know what the role is! Whether you are a performer, director, writer, technician or any other of the many vital roles on set, it is essential that you clarify your job. That way, if there are areas where you are unsure or think you will need support, you can make them known early on. No-one should mind giving help or extra time, but this is always easier if it has been asked for well in advance. Clarify your job role and you can be confident of doing it well.

Offer Assistance

Being on set can be hectic at times, but may also require long periods of waiting around. If you find yourself at a loose end, don’t hesitate to ask others if they need assistance. It may be as simple as holding a wire out of the way or fetching a coffee for a tired worker. But you will instantly become a valuable member of the team by helping to keep things running smoothly.

Respect The Work Of Others

Get informed on the roles of other workers on set. If you’re unsure what an editor actually does, why not look it up? If the sound engineer’s role makes no sense to you, research it. By understanding some of the unique demands and skills needed for other jobs, you increase your respect for them. This leads to a more harmonious relationship and is good for your film education too!

Stay Positive

Positive people are a valuable asset on any job or production, however large or small! Some setbacks are inevitable and out of your control, but your attitude is always a choice. Stay positive, think creatively, and encourage yourself and others.

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