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Health Tips For Actors

Health Tips For Actors

As a performer, the health of your body and voice is essential. In the same way that a musician must care for their instrument, or a craftsman must care for their tools, a performer must care for their body. The acting industry is often under scrutiny for promoting unrealistic or unhealthy body goals. But there is now more diversity out there than ever before, and it is now fully recognised that you should simply be healthy for your own body type. You should never allow yourself to feel pressured to look a certain way, but you should emphasise your own inner wellbeing, and that means protecting your body and voice from strain. Acting is a very demanding job, both physically and psychologically. Browse some of the tips below and be confident that you can stay at the peak of your performance.

Get Good Sleep

A good night’s rest is becoming one of the world’s genuine luxuries! People are more tired and stressed than ever before. But it is often a refusal to switch off rather than a genuine inability. Getting into the habit of sleeping well is very positive but it is especially important before auditions and performances. Ensure that you’re keeping your screen time to a minimum before bed. That means switching off your phone, laptop, and television at least an hour before it’s time to sleep. Go over your lines once more, read a relaxing book or magazine, or even have a warm bath. Then calming music or scents will help you drift into a deep sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed, revitalised, and ready to perform!

Have A Stretching Routine

A simple stretching routine can be a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, or can be used to feel more supple before performing. YouTube and other online sites have some easy to follow yoga or pilates sequences for beginners. Give it a try, or even join a weekly class. Staying supple and stretched will help you to move well and prevent injury.

Protect Your Voice

As an actor, your voice is as important as your body. But many young actors forget to protect their voices from injury in the same way as they would their bodies. Have a warm up routine if you sing regularly, and remember to gently stretch your throat and jaw by yawning. Use throat lozenges at the first sign of infection or ticklish coughs. A warm scarf is a great accessory for any outfit and looks great on both guys and girls. The added bonus is that it will protect your throat and chest from infection. And no screaming at gigs and clubs either!

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