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Funding For Filmmakers: Attracting Investors

Funding For Filmmakers: Attracting Investors

If you have a budget in mind for your film, the next step is probably raising the funds. Keeping a positive attitude can really help at this stage. It is easy to become discouraged when faced with a large amount of money to raise. But if you work methodically and aim to raise it in small stages, it will be far easier. Attracting interest and investors for your project is an excellent skill to learn. Your talent, passion, and ability should justify any budget, however large or small. And the practicalities of making a film look professional can be achieved with a carefully managed budget.

If you’re at the stage when you need to start attracting investors and raising funds, try these simple tips.

Have A Message

A positive or important message in your film can be a great way to attract interest and investment. It is important for the message to be authentic and not simply added later. But think carefully about what your film is saying. Documentary films may have a very clear message about climate change, immigration, or other important issues, for example. But other works are likely to have a message at their heart too.

Perhaps your film is commenting on the strength and resilience of the family, for example, or the importance of being honest or selfless. Knowing the message of your film can help to attract investors who may have a similar outlook. People are more conscious than ever of contributing to causes, awareness and discussion. Think about what your film could contribute.

Be Honest

Transparency is key when attracting investors. Be completely honest about the stage that the project is at and exactly what would help. Don’t be tempted to promise success or massive returns either. A promise of hard work, effort, and commitment is far more convincing.

Have An Accurate Budget

A balanced, accurate budget demonstrates your professionalism and awareness of the market. Think carefully about what funds you need to complete the project. Go step by step from pre-production to production and then finally post-production. The expense of a film starts long before shooting and continues afterwards. Make sure that you know exactly what to expect and how much you will need to meet those costs.

Have An Effective Business Plan

Investors will want to know your plans for after completion of the film. Will you be entering festivals and competitions? Do you plan to approach studios for distribution, get an agent, or distribute the film online? Think about your goals and how you will achieve them. Showing that you are planning ahead will improve investor confidence.

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