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Easter #SetReady and Emerging Brits 2019: Week One

And there it is! In what feels like five minutes since everyone was making their debut at Cineworld Leicester Square on day one, the first week of Easter #SetReady and Emerging Brits 2019 is over.

Here’s a little run-through of the weeks exciting activities;


Our #SetReady participants and Emerging Brits descended upon Cineworld Leicester Square where they were greeted with a speech by National Youth Film Academy Chief Executive Rob Earnshaw and Emerging Brit and 1K Challenge winner Lara Cooper-Chadwick and got some fantastic snaps in front of our media wall.

After meeting their fellow Actors and Filmmakers and getting into their groups, our #SetReady participants went to the University of Greenwich for some group bonding and film development while our Emerging Brits took part in an ice breaker and acting workshop with Philip Weaver!


Day two was a busy one for our Emerging Brits!

Editors had the amazing opportunity to do work experience at Clear Cut Pictures for the day, while the rest took part in acting and pre-production workshops and a talk on health and safety on set run by Martin Roberts from BECTU.

Our #SetReady participants were also full of busy – Tuesday was a big day for workshops!

Attendees got to participate in;

  1. Pre-production workshop.

  2. Editing workshop.

  3. Safety on set workshop with Martin Roberts from BECTU.

  4. Location Manager workshop.

  5. Typecasting workshop with Rob Earnshaw, National Youth Film Academy Chief Executive.

  6. Casting workshop with Casting Director Sue Jones.

  7. Acting for screen workshop with Actor Adam Leese.

  8. Writing development workshop with Writer and Director Ani Laurie.

We’re sure they learnt a lot!


Day three started with our Emerging Brits pitching their scripts to fellow Emerging Brits and #SetReady participants before an inspiring masterclass from blind Director Adam Morse, best known for Lucid starring Billy Zane, on his journey in film.

This was followed by an afternoon of rehearsals for #SetReady attendees ahead of their first shooting day, while Emerging Brits worked on pre-production.


Day four was particularly exciting because it was SHOOTING DAY ONE for the #SetReady lot!

They went out on location and began bringing their short film to life.

In the world of Emerging Brits, our Actors were auditioning for their roles, while our Producers visited Sheridans Solicitors and Lionsgate before joining our AD’s, DOP’s and Editors at Procam!


And here we are! Day five saw our #SetReady participants out on location for another full day of shooting, while our Emerging Brits made their exciting cast announcements and worked on pre-production and script development (with a little break to watch our webinar with Tilda Swinton!)

It’s been an exciting week where participants have been able to mingle with fellow Actors and Filmmakers, learn from the best in the business and begin bringing their films to life. We can’t wait to see what next week has in store. Stay tuned!

Are you #SetReady?

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