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Details That Instantly Increase The Production Values Of Your Film

The production values of a film simply means how expensive or professional it looks. Those two things often go hand in hand. But a film doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive! There are a few well-known tips and tricks that can instantly make your film look more pricey and professional. Read on to discover how.

1) Use Crowds

There are a number of times in a film when you might need to make use of extra people. You might have hired extras specifically, or simply asked friends and family to step in. Whatever you have chosen, think big! If one of your scenes is at a club or house party, for example, invite everyone! Send out flyers in person and online that asks for punctual, reliable people to be in your independent short film. You may not be able to offer pay, but perhaps you can put out snacks or offer credits at the end of the film. A big crowd where there would normally only be a few people instantly makes a production look more elaborate.

2) Shots From the Air

Aerial shots don’t have to be as complicated as hiring a helicopter or even sourcing stock footage to use. You can take a higher shot simply by standing on a flat roof, balcony, or elevator. Expansive views create the impression of a wide and busy set. They also add some variety to shots that might otherwise all be on one level or mainly filmed indoors. Adding some variety to the production can instantly add some visual appeal. Aerial shots can also set the mood if you can create an impression of your location. Perhaps your film takes place in a city with lots of problems, for example, or in a lonely woodland. Think about the ways you can capture the mood of your film through the location, and then aim for a great aerial shot.

3) Great Sound

Nothing harms a production quite like bad sound. Ensure a clear, crisp recording of your actors’ voices or their performances could go to waste. Even shaky camera work or poor lighting is forgivable. Some directors have made these “flaws” their trademark! But it is rare for anyone to get away with a film that no-one can hear. You can instantly raise the production values by adding a great soundtrack too. Using existing music can be tricky to license, so find a friend who wants to make it big as a composer or songwriter and invite them to help on your film. They get their first credit, and you get a better sounding film!

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