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National Youth Film Academy member, Christopher Mulvin, has won an Award of Excellence for his acting role in The Code.

The Code is currently doing its festival run and has so far picked up 16 awards!

In Christopher’s own words:

The Code is a short film based on true events from WWII, directed by the award-winning Patrick Ryder from Little Glass Pictures production company.

The story follows 3 soldiers from what is left of the Royal Essex Regiment fighting to stay alive to make it back home as the German forces slowly push forward, forcing the allies back to the French coast at the beginning of WWII.

I was one of the main actors for this project playing Hans von Brauchitsch, who was the German Luftwaffe pilot who is carrying the code.

The Code is now doing its festival run throughout this country and other countries, and we’ve won 16 awards so far:

  1. 13 from the Southern Shorts Awards

  2. 1 award at the Iron Star Summer Shorts Awards

  3. 2 awards at Out Of The Can Film Festival

It’s also part of ‘Official Selection’ at multiple festivals later on this year, such as the Miami Independent Film Festival, Queen Palm International Film Festival, Indie Best Films Festival, Aphrodite Film Awards, International Achievement Recognition Awards and London International Motion Picture Awards.

At the International Achievement Recognition Awards, The Code has reached the same categories / level and is up against films such as Dunkirk and You Were Never Really Here and actors such as Tom Holland and John Boyega!

This is the early stages of festivals and platforms it’s been sent to and there’s festivals which are BAFTA and OSCAR qualifying:

  1. Raindance Film Festival

  2. Bristol Independent Film Festival

  3. Cork Film Festival

  4. Leeds Film City

I have been following Patrick Ryder’s work on social media platforms and had seen how incredible his work was and the success he had achieved! He’s one very clever individual and has all the knowledge of how to get the films incredible exposure! The Code was such a pleasure to be a part of because the people were so incredible! It was a family of hard working, talented individuals. I couldn’t understand what I was doing there! I feel that’s the reason why it’s been going so far, because of the hard-working family behind it!

About Christopher:

I’m from Farnham in Surrey and I studied acting at the Arts University Bournemouth, training for 3 years. I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the April 2018 #SetReady course at the National Youth Film Academy in London. I was a chosen actor and now I’m one of their members! As an actor, to receive key knowledge of how the industry works, what to prepare for and to be able to work with other like-minded creatives was so beneficial.

Could you be our next success story? Find out more now!

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