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Belongings: 1K Challenge Film

We are pleased to share with you the trailer for Lara Cooper-Chadwick’s Belongings, the winner of our very first 1K Challenge.

Lara won the 1K Challenge with her script for Belongings in 2018 and enlisted the help of fellow National Youth Film Academy members John Powell and Tom Nejad to direct and produce the short film. Alongside Lara, Belongings stars Lawrence Cole and Elena Harding.

Belongings is a story that focuses on the relationships of three central characters. Emma (Cooper-Chadwick), a young woman with memory loss that leaves her unable to create new memories, must choose between the caring embrace of her nurse Carla (Harding), or the tantalising promises of her recently discovered friend Art (Cole).

Lara said;

Belongings was a project that was very close to my heart. I had the embryonic idea for the script a long time ago and I knew that I wanted to collaborate with John and Tom, so the 1k challenge was the perfect opportunity to put this into motion. I was interested in the idea of what it’s like to really live in the moment and how this relates to our memories and our connections with other people. John and I worked on the script together, re-drafting and editing until we felt that we’d done the story justice. Receiving the funding meant that we were able to access the production values that we wanted. It was such a valuable experience to be able to showcase work both as a writer and an actor. I find empowerment as an actor through creating the stories that I want to tell and this is something I hope to continue for the duration of my career. There was such a great atmosphere on set and the film wouldn’t have been possible without the dedicated team that was behind it. Lara Cooper-Chadwick, Writer and Actor

Tom said;

The 1K Challenge was a great project to be involved with. As with any film, it was a great opportunity to work with new people and play with new ideas. We had a lot of dedicated and talented people on set, and I think the film’s production value was greatly increased by our intensive post-production process. We have a few screenings lined up and some interest from festivals, however we are yet to finalise an official run. Tom Nejad, Producer

John said;

The film was inherently an experiment. We wanted to shoot the film subjectively from the point of view of Emma, a character with severe short term memory loss. The beginning is bewildering and slightly unsettling as the audience try to makes sense and impose order on the scenes in front of them. Our hope was that the story gradually starts to become clear only as Emma herself begins to put the pieces together. Making the film was an incredible experience, one that was only made possible by our extremely talented cast and crew. They’re all awesome! We shot over 4 days in three very different locations, which was very tight. Thankfully, a rigorous pre-production schedule and working with our awesome Producer Tom meant that we got what we needed. Overall, it was a great experience being given £1K to make a film. Huge thanks to the National Youth Film Academy for making this possible, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to working with and meeting loads more talented people on the Emerging Brits course later this year. John Powell, Director

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