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Announcing Our 2019 Summer Shorts Winners

Our members only Summer Shorts programme offers writers and directors the chance to team up and submit scrips. We then choose two scripts, with the winners being invited to join us in August at our Summer #SetReady course, for free, to make their film.

We’re delighted to announce the winners of our 2019 Summer Shorts programme: Joseph Archer (Director) and Jack Archer (Writer) with On In 15 and Charles Solly (Writer and Director) with Man Hunt.

Joseph said;

“I am absolutely delighted our film, On In 15, has been chosen for the Summer Shorts programme. The National Youth Film Academy is not only funding the production, but also allowing us to cast the film from its membership, which consists of some of the most talented young actors in the UK. I can’t thank the National Youth Film Academy enough for believing in our idea and supporting us as young filmmakers.” Joseph Archer, Director of On In 15

Jack said;

“On In 15 is a farcical sitcom: A rock band is due to perform on stage immanently for their first major gig, but their frontman accidently knocks himself out backstage, leaving the other members in a panic desperately searching for a solution before they have to go live. Writing the script for such a fun premise was a real joy, and we’re really looking forward to bringing it to life later this year with the National Youth Film Academy’s help.” Jack Archer, Writer of On In 15

Charles said;

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with the National Youth Film Academy again. If I am to go off of my experience on the 2018 Summer #SetReady course, I’ll be working with great young talents, and – no doubt – people that will sculpt the future of the film industry! For me, being with the National Youth Film Academy has meant I can bring my scripts to life with a young cast and crew in ways that would otherwise cause headaches and require bags of cash that no one my age has at the ready. With a bit of gumption, working within organisations like the National Youth Film Academy can really give you a leg up. Charles Solly, Writer and Director of Man Hunt

Congratulations Joseph, Jack and Charles! We can’t wait to see the final films.

Are you #SetReady?

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