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Aftercare: Member lands camera trainee title on big feature film ‘Lyrebird’

NYFA Member, Isabella Gale, lands work experience as a camera trainee on the feature film, Lyrebird.

With thanks to our Talent Executive, Jenna Shaw, Isabella has managed to kickstart her career behind the camera. 


The anticipated drama, currently in post-production, is being directed by Dan Friedkin. Friedkin has made a name for himself by working on acclaimed films such as All the Money in the World (2017),  The Square (2017),  and Dunkirk (2017).  Also, it’s important to mention that Lyrebird is being produced by the one and only, Sci-Fi pioneer, Sir Ridley Scott. Not forgetting, Peter Heslop, who produced the Oscar-winning ‘The Kings Speech’. Pretty cool right?

What’s it like working on a feature film?

Here’s what Isabella thinks about working on the same set with some of the biggest names in British film…

“I recently finished a few weeks work experience as a first time Camera Trainee on a feature film. My time on ‘Lyrebird’ was incredible, it allowed me to learn from the best in their field – every day I arrived on set, be it at Twickenham Studios or an elaborate country house, I couldn’t help but feel privileged to have the opportunity. In the beginning, I felt a little nervous but the feelings faded in minutes of starting the day, going about my jobs of fetching fresh batteries, cleaning clapper boards and loading magliners ready for set.

I was shadowing award winning DOP – Remi Adefarasin and being taught new skills daily by the rest of camera dept, whose credits go from Marvel movies to Game of Thrones! I was encouraged to ask questions about everything – which I took to my full advantage absorbing all that I could from everyone around me. I learned something new every day, recording it all in my trusty notepad (which I fittingly received on my introductory course with the National Youth Film Academy!)

When I first received an email from Jenna about the opportunity I was overwhelmed, I am so grateful for the time she put in to ensure my CV and cover letter were of the appropriate standard to even be considered for a role like this. Jenna contacted me frequently via email and calls about every detail. Being a member of the NYFA has hugely opened up new paths for my career in this industry. On this job I was able to expand my knowledge of working professionally in the camera department of a feature film and make valuable contacts that I plan on working with again in the future!”

Well done, Isabella, we wish you the best of luck!

Here’s a recent picture of Bella presenting an award to her hero, Gareth Edwards, at our recent #SetReady course.

If you’re interested in working with your film heroes then check out our jobs hub and get applying!

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