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Actors: The Ultimate Audition Kit

Actors: The Ultimate Audition Kit

Auditions can be one of the most exciting but stressful aspects of an actor’s career. It can be easy to become flustered or forgetful on the day, especially if there is travel involved. It is the last day on which you want to feel you are carrying unnecessary weight, but there are a few essential pieces of kit. If you have an audition coming up and want to get organised, check out the suggestions below for the ultimate kit.

1. A Copy of the Script (or your lines/side)

By the day of your audition, you will know your lines inside and out. You may feel confident when you leave the house, only to find you draw a complete blank while travelling. Don’t panic. This is a normal reaction to nerves and almost always passes. Having a copy of your lines or the script at hand can refresh your memory and provide some distraction.

2. A Bottle Of Water

As an actor, your voice is one of your most effective tools. Keep it smooth and stay hydrated with regular sips of water. This will help to keep you alert and feeling fresh. An energy bar or handful of trail mix can help too.

3. Painkillers and Plasters

You never know when a headache or blister can strike and it’s usually at an inconvenient time. Pain and discomfort can be very distracting. When you need to direct all of your energy and focus at your performance, take a few non-drowsy painkillers at the start of any trouble. You will then feel healthy and comfortable for your big moment.

4. Face Wipes

It is common to arrive to an audition a little smudgy or flustered. A quick sweep of a face wipe can help you to feel fresher and more professional. You may have taken time to look good or apply makeup, but some casting agents or auditions will require you to remove it. This can be daunting at first but try to feel confident. You have a unique, natural face and taking off makeup can show off your youth and beauty. As an actor, you must embrace your natural features as the tools of your trade.

5. A Phone and Charger/Battery Pack

Keep your phone switched off during important moments, but have a charger on hand in case you need to make an emergency call or follow a map.

6. A Copy Of Your Headshots

Officials at the audition may already have a copy of your headshots, but carrying them can be helpful. They can be a great tool for networking and it looks professional.

Smile, be confident, and good luck!

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