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We’ve auditioned thousands of talented actors and filmmakers over years so we know a thing or two when it comes to giving a great audition!

Make sure you give yourself the best shot by checking out the tips below!

5. Know where the camera is – but don’t look at it!

Actors! If you want to work in front of a camera, you need to learn how to stay in shot of the camera! We can’t judge your talent if we can’t see you – it’s as simple as that. So, next time you’re at a casting and there’s a camera, make sure it can see you. That said, don’t make eye contact with the camera (unless asked).

4. Dress smart-casual (not too smart, not too casual)

Basically, try not dress in any that will distract people from your talent. However, make sure you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you wear – this is a neat trick for boosting your confidence.

3. Don’t overact – this isn’t the theatre, this is the film industry!

Put your flappy arms down. Even if your training is in theatre, you need to bear in mind the film acting is a lot more subtle. The camera picks up your every move and your every expression, so tone it down a bit.

2. Keep your mind fresh

For those who are worried about forgetting your lines, make sure you’re well rested and hydrated. Relax, let your mind stay calm so it can soak up information. Our talent scout, Ben, suggested memorising a monologue each week to get your mind used to it. If you do forget your lines, it’s not the end of the world, don’t panic (this will come off badly) try to stay calm – the show must go on (well, the film).

1. You don’t need props!

If the scene involves a prop, you don’t need to then go and find something for the prop. If they wanted you to have a prop, they would have given you one! We’re not interested in that anyway, we’re interested in your talent!

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