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5 Creative Ideas For Social Media Posts For Filmmakers

You have set up your social media accounts and have started to gain likes, followers, friends, and more. But there’s just one problem. You don’t know what to say!

But don’t panic. While quality over quantity is usually a wise mantra, if you’re promoting your film then regular posts are a good idea. They keep the public updated and involved. They also help your title and project to stay fresh in the minds of a market with a lot of competition.

If you’re in the process of promoting your film and struggling to find inspiration, browse the suggestions below for five creative social media posts. Instagram

Think of this highly visual social media platform as a giant picture book. A great action shot from your film, a stunning location, even a great emotional portrait shot of an actor can help build interest. If you’re yet to start shooting, perhaps there is a place or object that really captures the mood of your future film.


Keeping it simple is essential for Twitter. This social media platform is often used for news and snappy updates. Keep it concise. A great post might be the date on which you intend to start shooting and how excited you are, or that you have begun shooting and that this is the date of completion. Dates and times are easy to read and understand, and they help to show that your project is becoming a reality. It’s no longer just a dream. Snapchat

As the name implies, this platform is great for offering a snappy insight. A quick snapshot behind the scenes of something you wouldn’t normally see can help to generate interest. Makeup artists, caterers, and other important professionals can all be overlooked on set. A quick snapchat of their work can show appreciation and give the public insight into the fact that it is not all glamour but a lot of hard work.


A “Day In the Life” style post of what it is like to be shooting a film can be great. Even pre-production rewrites, schedules, and contacting actors is still a great insight to offer. If you’re busy while shooting, why not let an actor take over for the day? Actors are often naturally charismatic, and he or she can build an immediate rapport with a social media audience that will be great publicity. Facebook

Group shots are forever popular. You also have the space on Facebook to tag everyone by name. Don’t forget to take pictures with the whole cast and crew at the start and end of shooting. They are immediately eye catching and should generate interest.

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