NYFA Review: Lewis Nunn

Meet Lewis

Lewis Nunn took part in the 2018 Easter #SetReady course. He’s given a glowing review and also has exciting news so we thought we’d share it with you!

From theatre to film

There’s not much out there that can help theatre actors transition to film acting and gain connections. That’s where NYFA came to the rescue for Lewis. Having worked on the West-End in the past, the theatre was home for him. But, he was keen to branch out and transfer to the film industry.

“I prefer film acting because I think it’s more truthful. It’s more conversational and feels more real. Whereas in theatre, it doesn’t matter what kind of character you are you’re always going to be acting to the audience and making sure you’re being clear. Whereas on a film you just, act!”

“But I didn’t know how to transfer into it. All the contacts I had were in theatre, and I didn’t know anyone in film at all. So, the National Youth Film Academy has been really valuable for that!”.

Network, network, network!

NYFA allows you to connect with like-minded peers, sure, but that’s not all – Lewis found himself rubbing shoulders with all sorts of industry professionals…

“The connections were really valuable, the masterclasses were possibly the best part of the course. After the masterclasses, I kept in touch with a lot of the people that came to talk. So, they’re now personal connections. I had a meeting with one of the agents that came to speak and that went really well. I’m just waiting to hear back from them to see whether they’ll be taking me on for the next season”

That said, Lewis argues that you never know who’s going to be the next Speilberg and making connections with your peers is really important. So nurture your connections!

The future

It can feel like a bit of an anti-climax after the 10 days on the course. You have to say bye to all the friends you’ve made and it’s back to ordinary life (instead of frantically running around trying to make a short-film). One of the ways Lewis dealt with this is keeping in touch with his group (Group 1, Pandaemonium). The group are currently in the stages of writing a horror short and have big plans. They might be entering it into festivals…

“After the course, I’m still in contact with my group and we’re going to be filming a project in the Summer, so we’re carrying on we what have been doing on the course. We’ll be doing that in London – we’re even staying in the same place that we stayed in during the course! “

In five years time, Lewis tells us, thanks to the skills he learned at NYFA, he’ll be a freelance actor. He wants to do a variety of roles – dipping between TV and film. Since the course, Lewis explains that it gave him the motivation he needed to start applying for more roles and sending off more self-tapes.

We wish Lewis the best of luck with his short film… and his future acting career!

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