Q&A with a Nickelodeon Associate Producer

Meet Matt

Meet Matthew Palmer. Ex-snowboarding instructor, Associate Producer at Nickelodeon.

“Hi, I’m Matt. I’m a promo-producer. I make the adverts and branding for channels at Nickelodeon.”

How did you get into working in TV?

“I got into TV when I was 19, I was a snowboarding instructor, I was back in the UK for a Summer before my next snowboarding job. My friend called me and said there was a part-time job going (watching ads and making sure they were all ok) in Hammersmith so I did that for two weeks and fell in love with it… and never left and that was 5 years ago!”¬†

How did come to work for Nickelodeon?

“Previously, I was at the Disney Channel and I was there for two years. Then, Nickelodeon asked me to come and work for them. My old boss at Disney¬† made the move over to Nickelodeon and asked me to go with him in the move”

What are your top tips for working in a big company?

“Experiment. You can experiment a lot more with a big company because generally, you get more opportunity because there’s more money and a little less pressure on you – so use that well. At first, it will feel like you’re a small cog in a big machine, but just make sure you’re a really good cog and you will get noticed.”

What are your future plans?

“Keep promo-producing. Stay in short-form content, I’m really enjoying it at the minute. I’m really enjoying branding and advertising in general, so probably keep doing that. Maybe branch outside of kids TV but for now, keep doing what I’m doing!”

Thanks for talking to us Matt!

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