National Youth Film Academy Host Webinar With Tilda Swinton

The National Youth Film Academy invites you to join us for a webinar with Oscar and BAFTA winning Actor Tilda Swinton.

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The hour long webinar saw Tilda talk to National Youth Film Academy Founder Rob Earnshaw about her career in the film industry, followed by a Q&A featuring questions from National Youth Film Academy members.

You don’t have to go to film school to be a Filmmaker, you don’t have to go to drama school to be a performer.

Keep watching. Watch as many films as you can, as many different films as you can, even stuff you find boring, watch it. Learn from it. Ask yourself the question, ‘what am I getting from putting myself in this Filmmakers shoes?’ and then ask yourself, ‘what films do I want to put out there?’

Tilda Swinton, Actor

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