Membership Age Range Extended

NYFA is an exclusive membership organisation for talented and driven young actors and filmmakers. As we enter our 10th year in business we have decided to increase the number of opportunities available by increasing our upper age limit to 29!

Our members have already done amazing things. They raised over £70k in 2020 to make short films and their projects have gone on to win awards at international film festivals. By broadening our membership age range we can give these wonderful opportunities to more people and for longer. 

Those members who have completed our basic programmes of SetReady and Breakthrough can benefit from access to our RiseUp and Emerging Brits as well as taking part in the 1K Film Challenges.

Furthermore, our younger and newer members will have even more opportunities to network with each other, providing the chance to collaborate on more projects and further develop their skills.

Take a look at what our current members have achieved!

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