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Collaborate, Make Films & Showcase




Control Your Future


At NYFA, we believe that collaborative learning, where the student is in control, not only broadens minds but develops opportunities as well.

It is a belief that is fundamental to the learning ethos of the organisation and has made NYFA a leader in career education. Our programmes are designed to help every Member achieve their full potential.

"I have learnt so much from every webinar that has allowed me to look at my career differently and understand the steps I need to take from a different perspective."  - AMBERLEY HILLYARD - NYFA MEMBER


Prove you're ready to work in Film


During our SetReady program, you will be given the opportunity to train in your chosen field, learn from respected industry professionals, and meet with like-minded individuals to write and produce your own original short film.

The purpose of this programme is for you to demonstrate your talents as a filmmaker or actor. At the end, you will be assessed based on your ability to work as a professional under pressure and alongside your creative team.


You must pass SetReady to be eligible for Rise Up

'We build, grow and accelerate career confidence in film ' ​


Challenge yourself & produce great work



The RiseUp Film Programme is an opportunity for SetReady Graduates.


This is a chance for our Members to prove themselves and rise to the challenge of independently creating their own film which will be screened across the UK at ODEON Cinemas.


Successful graduates will establish themselves as a member with the potential to be an Emerging Talent in the industry.

'We choose our Members based on their potential to succeed in film'


Showcase your talent to the industry's best 

Emerging is a programme created to showcase the best young talent the Film Industry has to offer.


Every 3 years, the next generation of actors and filmmakers are selected to take part.


The National Youth Film Academy support & promote their members through a programme with their short film finally being showcased in front of film industry professionals and influencers.

Our last showcase was at the ODEON BFI Southbank in front of over 300 industry influencers. 

"Fortune favors the brave, the National Youth Film Academy gives young people the chance to be able to take risks"  - GARETH EDWARDS, DIRECTOR - ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY