The National Youth Film Academy’s Jordan Gifford lands job on the set of Amazon Prime Video’s Jack Ryan!

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“I’m Jordan Gifford, one of the Writers of the Summer 2018 #SetReady course.”


“I heard about the job on Jack Ryan through Jenna on the Members-Only Facebook page and emailed her about it. Jenna contacted the Locations heads and I was booked on for 6 days! The job itself was a Location Marshall, this means you have to control who and what gets into certain locations. Also, you need to make sure that everything and everyone that is there, is supposed to be.”

“In terms of what I learnt on set, the budget on the show was so much bigger than any film I’ve ever worked on. It was really interesting just seeing how big-budget productions work with so many people. As a Director, I took a lot from watching how scenes were set up with multiple cameras and over 100 extras.”

“The #SetReady course prepares you for working a show like this! Speed is key, deadlines are absolute deadlines, just like the 10-day deadline we had on the course! You also have to learn to get to know and work with a lot of different people very quickly.”

“It’s a lot of long days, so I guess the one thing someone needs to know about being a Location Marshall is to be patient but also be friendly and approachable. You have to talk to the public a lot and if you come across as anything but friendly they will do the same.”

“Shortly after finishing up on Jack Ryan I was recommended by one of the location bosses and landed another Marshalling job on a Sky One production called Temple.”

“I have the National Youth Film Academy to thank for getting me the job on Jack Ryan.”


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