How to Handle Rejection in 5 Easy Steps

How to Handle Rejection in 5 Easy Steps

Rejection is hard. Whether in our personal or professional life, it can feel like a blow to be told we are not right for something or we didn’t make the cut. It might be for an audition if we are an actor. It might be for a festival or course if we are a filmmaker. There are a wide variety of times when we might have to take a risk, show courage, and put ourselves out there, so it can be painful when we feel like it has come to nothing. But we should change our attitude to rejection and stay positive and productive. Rejection is very subjective. It is not a reflection on our talent, ability and worth. If we can make rejection something that we no longer fear or take personally, we can feel confident and creative all the time. If you’re dealing with rejection, try these easy tips to get back on your feet!

Read success stories that began with failure

So many iconic writers, actors and directors were not only rejected – they were sometimes insulted! Even mega-successful franchises like Harry Potter and Star Wars were initially rejected dozens of times by publishers and producers. Triple Oscar winner Meryl Streep, the most Oscar-nominated actor in history, was once told she was too “ugly” to be a success! She got back at her critics by becoming a respected household name. The next time you’re feeling discouraged by rejection or a nasty comment, think about all the icons and stars who went through it too and came out more powerful than ever.

Limit Your Reflective Time

Reflecting on an experience can be helpful and constructive. We can think about what we learned and what we might do differently next time. This ensures that no experience – good or bad – is ever wasted. But reflection can become more of a hindrance than a help if it goes on too long. Allow yourself a few days or a week to think about things, but then move on. Don’t dwell for too long or over-think, as this can harm your confidence and become distracting. Learn what you can, and then follow the next tip…

Look To The Future

We can instantly feel happier and more confident if we have projects to look forward to. After a reflective period, start immediately on something fresh and exciting. It might be a course or a class. It might be a new script or film. It might even just be watching some classic films you’re hoping to learn from! Whatever you choose to do, keep progressing and stay positive.

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