Giving our members a voice.

With our new Student Advisory Board, members get to have their say on the future of the National Youth Film Academy!

Our members are full of fresh ideas, new approaches, and the drive to make their mark in the film industry so it makes sense to team up and let them help lead the way.

This summer we are launching our first ever Student Advisory Board to help us develop and grow while keeping our members at the heart of what we do.

“Our members are passionate, creative, and the future of the film and media industry. It makes sense to listen to their ideas in order to ensure we can provide what they want and need. The student advisory board will help ensure we continue to locate, nurture, and promote the most talented and driven 16 – 25 year old Actors and Filmmakers in the UK.”

Rob Earnshaw, CEO

In order to be considered Members had to register their interest and undergo an interview with CEO, Rob Earnshaw, in which they spoke about what they would do to develop the way we operate.

We’ll be announcing board members soon so make sure to check back to see who’ll be leading the way.

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