Black Lives Matter in Film

Black Lives Matter In Film (#BLMF)  is an exciting new project, launched by the National Youth Film Academy, and supported by Odeon, ProCam Group, and Crowdfunder. Designed to celebrate the lives of black creatives in film and push forward the discussion about diversity within UK film and television.

Following on from recent shocking events in the UK and the USA, it is now more important than ever to speak out against inequality across all walks of life.

Black Lives Matter in Film aims to give a platform for young black creatives to be heard as well as create new opportunities for people of color throughout the film industry.

Across the month of July, we will be sharing clips of young black creatives, giving them a chance to talk about their interests within film but also in other areas of life and discuss issues and topics important to them.

At the end of August, we will host a webinar to discuss the importance of diversity within film. This event is open to anyone who wishes to join the conversation and will be attended by leading black figures in the UK film industry as well as all those who took part in the videos across the month.

The discussion will culminate in the launch of a new film, produced by the National Youth Film Academy and made by an all-black cast and crew.

The film will be made with the help of the National Youth Film Academy partners Odeon, ProCam Group and Crowdfunder.

Crowdfunder will aid in bringing additional funding to the film, allowing the young filmmakers to get the absolute most out of this opportunity.ProCam Group has generously agreed to provide the equipment to make this film possible, and Odeon will be hosting a special Premiere for the film upon its completion.

Rob Earnshaw, founder of the National Youth Film Academy said, “this is an opportunity to make a real change.

“The lack of diversity within our industry is unacceptable and I want the National Youth Film Academy to be at the forefront of the efforts to change that.

“This project will be a celebration of black talent in the UK and I hope the film we create will give opportunities for creatives to get noticed and move forward in their careers.”

Lissi Simpson Watt, National Youth Film Academy Member and #BLMF ambassador said, ” I am so excited to launch this initiative and be involved with making a real change to the Film Industry.

“I care so much about this project and want to ensure that it helps more people that look like me work in film”

John Brennan, CEO ProCam Group said, as an inclusive employer, the Procam Group strives to promote diversity both within our own workforce and within our industry. We’re proud to support the National Youth Film Academy’s new initiative to highlight some of the amazing work of black creatives within film and television, both in front of and behind the camera,”

Anyone who wants to get involved with the Black Lives Matter in Film Project can register their interest by applying on our website

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