Why Is Social Media A Great Tool For Young Filmmakers?

Social media platforms have seen an explosion in popularity in recent years. Terms that were once new and novel have worked their way into everyday conversation. “Hashtags”, “likes”, and the notorious “selfie” all have a committed following. At its worst, we might associate social media with being shallow or even narcissistic, but in the world of film, social media can have a positive purpose.

Social media can provide the opportunity to connect with potential viewers, investors, or crew members from all over the world. If you have a film to promote, being up-to-date with social media and different platforms can help to make it a success. Read on to discover the ways in which social media can be a great tool for filmmakers.


For young or new filmmakers, gathering funds can be a major obstacle. Social media can be a great way to connect with potential investors or funding opportunities. Don’t be afraid to mention politely in posts that you are seeking financial support for the film.

If you have already started shooting, you can pepper these requests with your best action shots or cinematography. This can help to persuade investors that you are professional, passionate, and going to be successful. This makes it more likely for them to see a return on their investment.

Connection and Involvement

In the age of social media, the public like to feel involved and included in exciting projects. Social media gives you the potential to take viewers along for the ride. You can include “behind the scenes” moments, insights into any prosthetics and special effects, or even just updates on what you are working on that day.

This all helps others to feel connected to your work. Like you, they become involved with the idea of seeing it to completion and hoping it is successful. There are few more fascinating things about films than seeing how they’re made! Don’t hesitate to give others the opportunity to see it.


Social media is one of the best possible tools for publicity because of its immediacy and global impact. With the click of a mouse, you can publish the date of your release, for example, and keep people updated on any scheduling or events.

You can quickly publicise if you plan to attend a festival, for example, or have been nominated for an award. You can invite investors to the after party, or arrange a special viewing. For many people, social media has become their main source of news. This is particularly true of entertainment.

Don’t get left behind, and remember to regularly thank viewers and followers for their support.

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